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Tatiana Aristizábal - Photographer

Tatiana is a freelance photographer with a degree in Art Studio from the University of Kentucky. She’s worked for the Lexington Herald-Leader as well as  Smiley Pete Publishing, and the Latino magazine, La Voz de Kentucky. Furthermore, she is a founding member of Latino Arts Blend, with which she’s been featured in several events focused on amplifying the reach of local Latino culture. She’s also shot photos as an intern for organizations such the Lexington Art League, where she documented the LUMINOSITY project, which required her to follow two Canadian artists during their creation of New Moon, the signature sculpture for the project. In support of this effort she also took photographs for ads, which were included in multiple major publications including Art in America and Aesthetica Magazine.

Tatiana’s true passion shines brightest in her travel photography. As a teenage immigrant to the US, she knows first hand what it’s like to dive directly into unfamiliar territory, which inspires her personal portfolio’s focus on the expression of her view of world cultures. Everywhere she goes Tatiana fixes a keen eye on the people and environment that surrounds her, ensuring that she never misses an opportunity to reflect the light of her experiences back into her lens. Through a longtime dedication to serving the communities most in need, Tatiana has achieved an uncommon balance between both creativity and respect of other cultures that becomes more apparent with every photo she takes.


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La Voz de Kentucky
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